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This is a 1/48 scale kit. If you need 1/72 scale info. Click on link.


The Cheetah D was first introduced to the SAAF in 1986, as is fighter but later became a jet trainer. SAAF received 16 Cheetah D's. They were based at 89 Combat Flying School and 2 Sqn. 

To build a correct 1:48 scale Cheetah D one needs to modify a Mirage III B. Kit used was a Heller Mirage III C/B kit no. 80411. And a conversion kit manufactured by Spinners. The conv. kit consist of 19 resin parts, 17 photo etch parts, a decal set for 89 CFS and 2 Sqn and a detailed instruction set.

Colour Schemes

The one I decided to do was the low vis scheme of aircraft no.845 which is bases at TDFS. The colour scheme stayed the same (Light Gray all over with a dark grey diamond above and below the wings). The only thing I had to replace was the Sqn. badge at the back of the tail to TDFS's Badge.

Mirage III C/B Heller kit 80411

First construction was the Cockpit with 6 Photo Etch parts.

Next was to add the new nose to the cockpit.

Then I had to cut the old engine housing off and replace with new engine (Nice detail in new engine).

Next up was to cut part of the wings and replace with new slats.

Last Word

Hard work, but great result !

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